Delivery & Returns or Collection

Delivery & Returns/Collection – Payment & Contract of Supply

All delivery and collection of goods is contracted to the business offering the service through this website. StageHireNetwork is in no way responsible for delivery/hire or returns/collection of equipment.

Your contract of hire is with the business you choose on our website. Please contact the provider directly using the information in the listing. HOWEVER, we would like to hear about any feedback of any sort to help improve this website.

Any contract shall consist of the hirer’s request and the acceptance thereof by the provider. Any order accepted by the “provider” shall be subject to their stated conditions of sale and no other conditions shall apply unless expressly agreed in writing by the provider.
Quoted prices include free delivery or paid delivery (clearly stated) anywhere within the UK mainland. For staging deliveries outside this area, an extra carriage charge will be levied. The prices invoiced will be those currently charged by the seller at the date of despatch. In the unlikely event of a printing price error occurring on our website the correct price will be stated on the providers order confirmation which will be binding for the period of the contract. All prices are subject to VAT at ruling rates. All packing is non-returnable.
In accordance with normal transport practices all goods will be delivered to the goods inwards dept. or reception on the ground floor and off-loading facilities must be provided by the customer, if a request for assembly has been received this will be included in the hire price. If further transfer or installation is required, particularly for large and heavy items, this must be requested at the time of ordering and an additional charge may be levied.